Karolina Rybačiauskaitė – When carrying becomes caring

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In this publication the author tried to explore the problem of how ‘matter maters’ within artistic practices, but perhaps more importantly, she wanted to experiment with ways of presenting research and give the reader a sense of how it was evolving.

This zine was a part of Karolina's residency at Petrohradská kolektiv in Prague.
It has a form of a journal that is meant to be read in the material form of print, but it is also available online on Petrohradská kolektiv website.

Risoprinted Zine
160x220 mm
28 pages
2 colors (black, blue)
Pamphlet Stitch Binding

Printed by KudlaWerkstatt
Graphic design – Martin Czeller
Published by Petrohradská kolektiv